About d.d collective


Forward, contemporary styles for women. d.d collective is a ready-to-wear label birthed in the centre of Kuala Lumpur. Seeking inspiration globally, d.d collective believes that it all begins with textiles, and seeks fabrications from across Europe and Asia, to provide unique parables for the modern wearer. Every look from the collection boasts superior craftsmanship and on-trend versatility, with a devotion to lace, silk and prints.


At d.d collective, we value integrity and trustworthiness at our core; the team is united by the desire to create products that customers will love – designs we are proud to create and promote. Ethically manufactured by people we trust and respect, our personal values of loyalty and reliability are at the forefront of our collections. We believe creativity does not depend simply upon the actions of one person but in a collaborative effort as a group; after all, we are a collective of storytellers and dream makers working together to make a difference in the way women dress.


She’s smart. She’s liberal, passionate about the arts, and confident with how she approaches life. Her charismatic charm is accentuated by her refined demeanour. She’s a believer in consumption - but highly conscious about her choices. She’s the high performer at your office, the life of the party or the one you admire. Above all, she is dynamic.